Silver Blue Modern

Please contact us for availability.

Silver Blue Moderns are the bantam version of the common game fowl also known as fighting cocks. Most folks say they don’t even look like chickens, so they are a fun addition to your flock. If you are considering purchasing this breed and would like to know more about it contact us, and we will send you the info/care packet. We make sure to sell show quality moderns, and if there is any problem with your birds when they arrive we encourage you to contact us, and we hopefully can help you solve the problem.

We are not responsible for your bird(s) once they arrive at their intended location unless they arrive in poor condition.
$10 for straight run chicks
$28 for one dozen hatching eggs
$25 for pullets
$20 for cockerels
$30 for cock
$35 for hen
Type: Bantam
Class: Modern Game
Comb Type: Single Comb (males must be dubbed for exhibition)
Egg Color: White
Egg Production: Fair
Meat Production: Poor
Broodiness: Terrible
Male Weight: 22 oz
Female Weight: 18 oz