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Seramas are characterized by their upright posture, full breast, vertical tail feathers held upright and tight up to the body and vertical wings held down nearly touching the ground. They compete against each other in open table top competitions (often described as “beauty contests”) and are scored by several judges. If you purchase this bird and would like to  know about it please contact me and I will send you the info/care packet. The serama is a tiny sized bantam with a single comb, and it is fun a thing to be able to say that you own the smallest breed of chicken in the world! I make sure to sell show quality chickens and if there is any problem with your poultry when they arrive I encourage you to contact me and I can hopefully help you solve the problem.

I am not responsible for you bird(s) once they arrive at their intended location unless they arrive in poor condition.

$10 for straight run chicks
$28 for one dozen hatching eggs
$25 for pullets
$20 for cockerels
$30 for cock
$35 for hen
Type: Bantam
Class: SCCL
Comb Type: Single Comb
Egg Color: Cream
Egg Production: Fair
Meat Production: Terrible
Broodiness: Excellent
Male Weight: 16 oz
Female Weight: 14 oz